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Frequently Asked Questions

What's all this about, then?

Cinemum helps maximise your enjoyment of watching and selecting films. By flagging material that might be sensitive, scary, offensive or just plain annoying, Cinemum gives you a heads-up on what you can expect to see on screen without ruining your viewing experience with unwelcome plot spoilers.


How does it work?

Cinemum breaks down each film into its rating category assigned by the Australian Classification Board. In other words, if a movie is rated M for Mild Fantasy Violence and Infrequent Sexual References, Cinemum tells you exactly what that means.


Who's it for?

Cinemum reviews are a great resource for parents/guardians, educators and anybody who is concerned about film content. Viewers sensitive to content that may be contrary to their religious, cultural, and personal beliefs, circumstances or phobias will find Cinemum reviews useful.


What are some common concerns?

In addition to briefly outlining the Violence, Sex, Nudity, Drug Use, Offensive Language and Themes in each film, Cinemum alerts you to anything else that might make you feel uncomfortable. This includes medical procedures (eg needles), phobias (eg spiders, heights, thunder and lightning), religious taboos (eg blood transfusions), personal concerns (eg animal cruelty, vegetarianism) and personal circumstances (eg divorce, infidelity, miscarriage, grief).


Are you affiliated with anybody?

Nope. Cinemum is entirely impartial, non-denominational and non-judgemental.


Will you review my film?

Probably! Cinemum is usually glad to accept DVD screeners, legal download streams and/or in-season passes for any distribution film, preferably prior to release. Likewise, if you have a particular film in mind that you would like to see reviewed on Cinemum please let us know.


Who are you?

All contributions to this site are voluntary. Regular contributors include Angela Hannan, Emma Cummings, Pete B, and Susan Bush. We are always looking for more writers but are currently unable to offer payment (sucks, I know). If you think you've got the keen eye and open mind of a Cinemum writer then please get in touch!


How can I contact you?

You are welcome to contact Cinemum via Facebook or Twitter.



Cinemum does not request, retain or store any personal information from you. This website and all associated apps and social media pages contain links to external websites. Cinemum is not responsible for the content contained in any of these websites. This Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice.



Reels of thanks to the good people at Focus Features, Hopscotch Films, Madman Entertainment, Rialto Distribution, Roadshow Films, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures International, Walt Disney Studios Australia, and Warner Bros Pictures for helping to make this site possible. All images, assets and film-related materials are used with permission (and my most biggest thanks).


Data for the CRITICS LIKE and CRITICS DON'T LIKE sections of each review is obtained where possible from a wide variety of sources and critic sites including (but not limited to, and not inclusively): IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Peter Gray, Michael C Dalton, Sarah Ward, Danielle Muir, SBS Film, At The Movies, The Australian, Urban Cinefile, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Film Pie,, Rolling Stone,, Chicago Sun-Times, The New York Times, The New York Post, The Globe and Mail (Toronto), San Francisco Chronicle, Variety, Movie Nation, Slate, IndieWIRE, Village Voice, Time, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Boston Globe, Time Out (London and Sydney), The AV Club,, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Empire, Los Angeles Times,, The New Yorker, The Evening Standard (London), Sight & Sound, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent on Sunday.


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