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Green Room

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Monday, 09 May 2016 04:20
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Additional Info

  • Rating

    R18+: High impact violence.

  • The pitch

    Daft punks.

  • Starring

    Anton Yelchin, Joe Cole, Alia Shawkat, Callum Turner, Imogen Poots, David W. Thompson, Mark Webber, Patrick Stewart, Macon Blair, Eric Edelstein, Brent Werzner, Taylor Tunes

  • Directed by

    Jeremy Saulnier

  • Running time

    95 minutes

  • Rated

    R18+ (Australia), 18 (UK), R (USA)


    People are shot, stabbed, choked, mauled, bitten, hacked, slashed (box cutter), sliced, beaten, wrestled, held down, pushed up against a wall, face-grabbed, throat-grabbed, headlocked, tackled, doused (fire retardant), held at gunpoint, held hostage, hit with objects, kicked, arm-slapped. An animal is hit with an object. Theft (petrol siphoning). Objects thrown, smashed. A car is seen resting in a field (accident implied). Swastikas, white supremacy stickers, Confederate flag, pentagram seen. Yelling, screaming, arguing, slamdancing. Burning crosses, Nazi, Iraq vets, war tactics, getting slaughtered mentioned. Blood/gore: Bloody stab/gunshot/maul/open wounds, skin, clothing, objects. Pooling, spurting blood. Snapped limb. Exposed bone/flesh/gore in wounds. Corpses. Bodies are dragged, dropped, covered in makeshift body bags. Object protruding/removed from body. Drawings of skull, girl with a bloody knife.


    People are kissed on the forehead (platonic). Slang terms for ejaculate, anal sex.


    Drugs (drug lab, sachets/bricks of drugs). Hypodermic needle seen protruding from skin (heroin overdose implied). An animal is injected with a stimulant. Alcohol (beer, shots). Smoking. Drug possession, roach cigarette mentioned. Club setting.


    F-words, n-word, s-words, a-words, p*ssed. Name-calling. Derogatory terms for women and homosexuals. Religious references and exclamations. Stickers read slogans such as "Fascist Faggot" and "White Supremacy". Obscene finger gestures.


    Murder, survival, music, punk rock, live performance, violence, witnesses, touring, skinheads, extremists, heroin, traitors, escape, neo-Nazis, attack dogs, crime scenes, sieges, desert island bands.


    Dogs. Power blackout. Butterfly (opening titles graphic), photos of cats. Fart, spitting. Vomit, fecal matter mentioned.


    Bloody, impressive, remarkable, claustrophobic, shocking, surprising, intelligent, unrelenting, robust, colourful, effective, brash, haunting, brutal, exciting, splattery, textured, unpredictable, satisfying, tense, entertaining, visceral, funny, scary, effective, audience-pleasing, memorable. Clever dialogue, beautifully crafted narrative, refined/smart/terrific script, snappy editing, excellent cast, inventive/startling makeup, jaw-dropping gore, moody soundtrack, restrained/assured direction, detailed/realistic/intricate/scummy set design.


    Familiar setup, a little anti-climactic.