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Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

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Thursday, 15 January 2015 22:42
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Additional Info

  • Rating

    MA15+: Strong horror violence, blood and gore and coarse language.

  • The pitch


  • Starring

    Jay Gallagher, Bianca Bradey, Leon Burchill, Luke McKenzie, Yure Covich, Catherine Terracini, Keith Agius, Meganne West, Berryn Schwerdt

  • Directed by

    Kiah Roache-Turner

  • Running time

    98 minutes

  • Rated

    MA15+ (Australia), 18 (UK), NR (USA)


    Characters are shot (guns; nailgun), punched, kicked, beaten, bludgeoned, punched, bitten, decapitated, burned, harpooned, chained, bound, gagged, axed, hit with objects, stabbed (knife; screwdriver), mauled, hooked, leg-grabbed, tackled, wrestled, body-slammed, bludgeoned, hit by vehicles, held at gunpoint, near-choked, headbutted, restrained, electric-shocked, frozen, siphoned, pushed, kneed, hair-pulled, head-locked, crotch-grabbed. People maim themselves. Suicide attempts, intruder. Smashed windscreens, broken glass, burning vehicle. Screaming. Hunting sharks/pigs, killing wife and child mentioned. Blood/gore: Lots of blood, flesh, splatter. Severed hands, limbs, fingers. Nose bitten off, heads blown off. Hypodermic needles extract fluid (needles seen entering skin); blood/fluid-filled syringes. Blood on heads, faces, clothing, objects, bodies, teeth. Flesh eaten, decomposing flesh, burning flesh, open wounds, bloody cuts. Bloody puddles/smears. Corpses (including child). Objects protruding from skin/retrieved from flesh.


    Couple seen embracing in shower, bed (no genitals seen). Kissing. Skimpy clothing, cleavage.


    People smoke a joint, cigarettes. A woman is injected with tainted blood. Chloroform seen. Alcohol (beer, spirits). Drug-induced behaviour.


    F-words, s-words, a-words, bastard. Name-calling. Derogatory term for women. Slang for genitals, bodily functions. Religious references and exclamations.


    Zombies, apocalypse, blood extraction, survival, mutation, leadership, blood types, mind control, torture, experiments, humanity, disease, outbreak, combustibles, disco.


    Deceased wife, child. Deceased son, child with cancer mentioned. Campfire, welding sparks. Min Min lights mentioned, skull motif. Burp, vomiting, spitting, greenish breath. Raw meat eaten. Brief Aboriginal language (no subtitles).


    Entertaining, in-your-face, fresh, creative, bold, ballsy, adrenaline-fuelled, stylish, satisfying, comic-book, wild, sinister, buoyant, surreal, clever, cheeky, energetic, gritty, wild, silly. Strong performances, proper characters, blunt scares, unsettling imagery, hyper-stylised world, witty/deadpan dialogue, unfussy cinematography, terrific score.


    Hackneyed premise.