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CHIPS (2017)

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Thursday, 06 April 2017 05:52

Additional Info

  • Rating

    MA15+: Strong violence and coarse language.

  • The pitch

    It packs some Ponch.

  • Starring

    Michael Peña, Dax Shepard, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jessica McNamee, Adam Brody, Ryan Hansen, Kristen Bell, Jane Kaczmarek, Richard T. Jones, Maya Rudolph, Justin Chatwin

  • Directed by

    Dax Shepard

  • Running time

    100 minutes

  • Rated

    MA15+ (Australia), 15 (UK), R (USA)


    Suicide (jumping). People are shot, punched, kicked, pushed, hit by vehicles, bitten, beheaded, tasered, grabbed, arrested, handcuffed, dragged out of car, stomped on, hit with objects, thrown against walls, held hostage, sprayed with kitty litter, flipped, tackled, wrestled, beaten, near-choked. A man jumps from a helicopter (fatal). A man's fingers are shot off (hand stump, loose fingers seen). Armed robberies (bank, armoured trucks). Car chases/rollovers/collisions, broken/smashed windscreens, wrecked/burning vehicles, cars shot/crushed, motorcycle accidents/collisions, vehicles/objects hit by moving vehicles. Molotov cocktail, explosions, trashed house. Weapons/fight training. Santa shot Rudolph, runner (ie Oscar Pistorius) who killed his girlfriend mentioned. Characters visit a premises called Suicide Boxing + Fitness. Screaming, arguing. Blood/gore: Decapitated head, headless corpse, dead body on ground. Hand with fingers shot off (nubs and loose fingers seen; fingers in bag of ice). Bloody bullet wounds/cuts/finger nubs/hand/grazes/objects/ground; blood spatter. Patients in hospital beds/stretchers (breathing tubes, limbs in traction), CPR. Scars, arm in sling, bandages, bruising. Bone cracking/breaking sounds heard, a man collapses from joint pain. Blood [in stools], Crohn's, colitis, 23 surgeries, scrotal tear mentioned.


    Nude couple seen having sex in a bedroom. Nude men (genitals pixelated/obscured), nude women (side and front views/wearing sheer underwear/photos). Exposed breasts, cleavage, people in underwear/swimwear/towels. Men in underwear bump crotches, a man's face lands in a nude man's crotch. Sexting. A man shows another man a nude picture of his wife (infidelity/sleeping with his wife discussed). Kissing, flirting, bum-slapping, hugging, caressing. A man makes a masturbation gesture with his arm. Jokes and discussions about infidelity, sex, masturbation, sex addiction, erection, anulingus, rating women. Stroking yourself, sex issues, over-sexualised behaviour, sex with wife, "shooting your weapon", she ate my butt mentioned.


    Alcohol (spirits, beer). Scene set in filthy drug den. A man says "you're high" to his stoned son. A man frequently consumes prescription pills throughout the film. Son addicted to heroin, opiate addiction, morphine mentioned.


    F-words, s-words, a-words. Slang for genitals. Name-calling (d*ck, bad, cocky, pussy, clown, super-Asian, rookies, bickering old lady, Freud, obnoxious, old, fragile, b*tch, coward, homophobe, psycho, silverback, scary, pervert, nasty, dummy, etc). Religious exclamations (what the hell, goddam, oh my god, Christ, hell yeah, Jesus, etc). Jokes about disabled people, homophobia, ageing, sex addiction, analingus, masturbation. Two men rate women's attractiveness (yawn).


    Police investigation, partners, crime, corruption, marriage, separation, drug addiction, sex addiction, father-son relationships, death, grief, therapy, yoga pants.


    Dead pilot, dead lover, dead husband. Partner (police) shot. Helicopter, lightning, thunder. Marriage separation mentioned. Hospital setting. Guy on toilet. Cat, cat's bum, dirty kitty litter. Brief Spanish (subtitles). Vision during end credits.


    Silly, energetic, dirty, inappropriate, breezy, weirdo, light, raunchy, goofy. Relaxed/easy/star performance by Michael Pena, high-energy/well-choreographed/exciting/jaw-dropping/diverting/elaborately staged action scenes, good chemistry between leads, some funny moments.


    Convoluted, messy, flat, disposable, uninspired, undisciplined, slapdash, loud, strained, artless, contrived. Unnecessary storylines/moments, jokes feel shoe-horned in, throwaway/nonsensical/lazy/paper-thin/uninteresting plot, mostly unfunny, some unpleasant/repetitive/wincing/sophomoric/crude jokes, weak/forgettable female roles, many thankless performances.