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Captain Fantastic (2016)

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 22:56
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Additional Info

  • Rating

    M: Mature themes, coarse language and nudity.

  • The pitch

    Power to the people.

  • Starring

    Viggo Mortensen, George MacKay, Samantha Isler, Annalise Basso, Nicholas Hamilton, Shree Crooks, Charlie Shotwell, Trin Miller, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Zahn, Missi Pyle, Frank Langella

  • Directed by

    Matt Ross

  • Running time

    118 minutes

  • Rated

    M (Australia), 15 (UK), R (USA)


    Suicide mentioned/discussed (slit wrists). An animal is hunted/stabbed/throat-cut/trussed/skinned. A child falls from a high ledge (loud crack heard as head hits pavement). Weapons training/sparring; kids handling weapons. A boy stabs a wall in anger, a boy slips while rock-climbing and slams wrist (likely broken). Children play a violent video game. Screaming, yelling, arguing. Theft. Genocide, fascists, militants, dictators, child molester, rape mentioned. Blood/gore: Sliced throat (animal), deboning animal. Corpses (human/animal), animal skeletons/bones. Bloody hands, fur, forehead, knife, smear, grazes. A bloodied animal organ is eaten raw. A dead animal is skinned. Head brace, crutches, bandage. Heart attack, X-ray. Bipolar affective disorder, psychosis, violent mood swings, severe depression, CAT scan, fracture mentioned.


    Full frontal male nudity (adult), rear male nudity (boy), cleavage. A father explains sexual intercourse to his children/gives his young child a copy of The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort. Kissing, flirting. Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita discussed.


    Alcohol (wine, beer). Underage drinking. Smoking. Bar setting/wine aisle in supermarket (bottles of alcohol seen in background). Crack, cocaine, crackheads mentioned.


    F-words, s-words, b*tch, butt, whores. Name-calling. Terms for genitals. Religious references and exclamations (Jesus Christ, God damn it). Obscene finger gestures.


    Family, alternative lifestyles, non-conformity, anti-establishment, suicide, death, grief, capitalism, idealism, rock-climbing, real world education, tough love, survival, home schooling, literature, Noam Chomsky, parenting, funerals, exhumation, socialisation.


    Funeral, cemetery, bar, church, airport settings. Grave exhumation. Deer, sheep, chickens. Waterfall, thunder, lightning. Fur worn, meat killed/cooked/eaten, roast chicken eaten. Nose-picking. Brief Esperanto (no translation/subtitles). Some high aerial cinematography.


    Touching, tender, charming, eccentric, brisk, enthralling, engaging, gripping, thought-provoking, terrific, complex, theme-rich, polished, relatable, fantastic, refreshing. Noteworthy/fine/inspired/sensational/pitch-perfect/impressive/effortless performances, brilliant cast, honest/superb writing and direction, stunning/luminous/gorgeous photography.


    Frustrating/overlong/mushy/ragged finale.