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Ruben Guthrie

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Wednesday, 08 July 2015 11:38
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Additional Info

  • Rating

    MA15+: Strong coarse language and sex scenes.

  • The pitch

    Ruben gets smashed.

  • Starring

    Patrick Brammall, Alex Dimitriades, Abbey Lee, Harriet Dyer, Jeremy Sims, Brenton Thwaites, Robyn Nevin, Jack Thompson, Aaron Bertram

  • Directed by

    Brendan Cowell

  • Running time

    93 minutes

  • Rated

    MA15+ (Australia), NR (UK), NR (USA)


    People are punched, pinned down, pushed against a wall, throat-grabbed. A man jumps from a high ledge (injury/near-drowning). Objects thrown/dropped/smashed. References to suicide (jumping, slitting, dead friend). Reference to incestual sexual molestation of a child. Rape mentioned. Yelling, arguing. People play a boxing video game. Blood/gore: Sound of bone snapping. Arm in sling. Cast removed. Dropped kid on head mentioned.


    A couple has sex in the shower, bedroom. Oral sex/orgy (male), masturbation. Kissing (male-male; male-female), ogling, caressing, bum-grabbing. Half-exposed breast, people in underwear, swimwear, skimpy clothing, cleavage. Bra unclipped. Fingering, infidelity with boss, object inserted inside a girl/molestation mentioned.


    Drugs inhaled. Bags of white powder, crack pipe. Rock, ice, cocaine, stoned teenager, e, heroin, smack addict mentioned. Alcohol (beer, champagne, wine, spirits, cocktails, shots). Intoxication. Bar, club, house party settings. Getting smashed/drunk, drinking nail polish remover, drinking problem mentioned. Smoking. Gambling (horse racing).


    C-words, f-words, s-words, a-words. Name-calling, derogatory terms for women and homosexuals. Slang and actual terms for genitals and bodily fluids. Cultural, racial, gender stereotypes. Religious references and exclamations.


    Alcoholism, relationships, recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, advertising, parent-son relationships, kayaking, Sydney, sobriety, best mates.


    Gravely ill father (pancreatitis), relationship breakups, estranged parents. Friend committed suicide, dead mother, lost license mentioned. Vomiting, eating disorder, depression mentioned. Cats, fish. Cooking sausages.