Deadpool Sunday, 22 September 2019


Additional Info

  • Rating:

    MA15+: Strong bloody violence and sex scene.

  • The pitch:

    Maximum effort.

  • Starring:

    Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, Karan Soni, Stefan Kapicic (voice), Brianna Hildebrand, T.J. Miller, Gina Carano

  • Directed by:

    Tim Miller

  • Running time:

    108 minutes

  • Rated:

    MA15+ (Australia), 15 (UK), R (USA)


    Characters are shot, stabbed, run through, punched, kicked, beaten, throat-grabbed, near-choked, elbowed, thrown from/dragged behind a moving vehicle, thrown through the air, slammed into objects, pile-driven, burned (cigarette lighter), beheaded, maimed, pistol-whipped, tied down, gagged, bound, kidnapped, glassed, hit with objects, crotch-grabbed, handcuffed, dragged, hung up by wrists, repeatedly tortured/tormented, electric-shocked, hooded, suffocated, headbutted, burned alive (implied), tackled, impaled, shoulder-charged, hit by a car, wet-willied, squashed between objects, crushed, bitten, punched repeatedly, kneed. Characters dangle precariously, fall over, jump from high ledges. Vehicle (cars, motorbikes) collisions, rollovers. Burning vehicles, motorcycle, buildings, objects, laboratory, man. Smashed glass, explosions. Mass panic, screaming, mass property destruction, a large structure collapses, bar brawl. Objects thrown, smashed, knifed, punched, stomped on. Drawings of characters being beheaded, shot. A man flicks a lit cigarette at another man. Jokes about molestation, child abuse, child neglect, paedophilia. Wall poster of female outline with shooting target on chest seen. Boxing match seen in background. Body in trunk of car (heard/discussed). A man makes a throat-slitting gesture. Breaking bones, killing, shooting your cat, stalker, special forces, extinguishing cigarette on child's skin, luring children, warhead, sew your mouth up, dishonourable discharge mentioned. Blood/gore: Splats of gore as bodies hit objects. A character saws off their own hand. Several injections seen (one lingering close-up of needle in skin), wound-stitching. Bloody faces, mouths, heads, hands, teeth, clothing, wounds, objects, cuts, scratches, saliva/drool, ice/ground. Blood spatter, bleeding/open wounds, blood spots, bruising, very bloodshot eyes, spitting blood. Hole through arm, missing limb, mutant hand, broken legs/wrists. Lots of dead bodies. Bone-snapping heard. Objects protruding/removed from skin, stapled into flesh. Severely burned/scarred skin, people with mutant/exposed skin, flesh turns blue/yellow from oxygen deprivation, collapsing skin/flesh. A man collapses. X-ray, IV drips, people on stretchers, electrodes on chest, flatlining. Cartoon characters turn into skeletons then disintegrate. High numbers of confirmed kills, scorched nerve endings mentioned.


    A couple has sex (frequent). Sodomy with an object (implied). Masturbation, oral sex. Kissing (f-m; m-m), breast-fondling. Full female nudity, full male nudity (genitals not seen), very skimpy clothing, shirtless man, cleavage, nude male bums, people in underwear/lingerie. Strip club setting, pole-dancing. Faces in crotches/bums, wedgie, close-up crotch/bum shots. Sexual innuendo and sexual-themed banter/jokes. Sex-themed song lyrics heard. References to masturbation, sex, orgasm, oral sex, pornography, sodomy, prostitution, sex toys. Pictures of lingerie girls seen on objects, posters. Jokes about being molested by uncles, child abuse, paedophiles. A cartoon sequence (end credits) features animal figures being masturbated/with an erection/ejaculating/farting.


    Alcohol (beer, spirits, shots). Bar setting. Smoking. People are injected with coloured chemicals, adrenaline. Cocaine, bactine, Tylenol PM, crack house mentioned.


    F-words, s-words, a-words, n-word (song lyrics), b*tch. Slang for body parts/fluids/genitals. Name-calling. Slang and actual terms for genitals. Jokes about blindness, race, age. Religious exclamations. Genre stereotypes. Obscene finger/hand gestures.


    Deadpool, redemption, cancer, immortality, romance, painlessness, super strength, super powers, superheroes, anti-heroes.


    Estranged father mentioned. Marriage proposal. Bar, experimental laboratory, strip club settings. Helicopter. Used chewing gum. Toilet, urinal, urination, vomiting, spitting/saliva, raw garbage. Brief Japanese (subtitles). Some fast/flash editing. Post-credits sequence.


    Loud, risky, lewd, inventive, violent, vulgar, ridiculous, silly, low-stakes, dirty, funny, raunchy, weird, outrageous, delightful, demented, fast, ferocious, arch, juvenile, effective, obnoxious, wild. Racy dialogue, edgy/profane protagonist, cheeky opening credits, fast/grisly action, fast narrative, loaded with background jokes/small details, deft editing, best Stan Lee cameo ever, Ryan Reynolds is terrific.


    Predictable ending, thin plot, relentless pace/jokes/violence gets exhausting/numbing.

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