Brooklyn Sunday, 22 September 2019


Additional Info

  • Rating:

    M: Coarse language and brief sex scene.

  • The pitch:

    Love and cardigans.

  • Starring:

    Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen, Julie Walters, Domhnall Gleeson, Jim Broadbent, Maeve McGrath, Eileen O'Higgins, Fiona Glascott, Emily Bett Rickards, Jessica Paré

  • Directed by:

    John Crowley

  • Running time:

    111 minutes

  • Rated:

    M (Australia), 12A (UK), PG-13 (USA)


    People bang on doors. A father pulls his son's ear. Shouting. Blood/gore: Corpse. Eye operation mentioned.


    A couple has bedroom sex (no nudity). Kissing, undressing. Shirtless men, people in swimwear, low-cut gowns, cleavage.


    Alcohol (beer, wine, spirits). Intoxication, drunk/passed-out people. Smoking (cigarettes, pipe).


    F-word, s-word, bastards, b*tches. Name-calling. Snide/bossy remarks. Religious references and exclamations.


    Romance, dating, emigration, 1950s Brooklyn, Irish immigrants, leaving home, shyness, homesickness, charity, marriage, engagement, commitment, choices, secrets, politeness, courtship, boarding houses, love.


    Dead sibling/daughter, marriage proposal. Church, cemetery, wedding settings. Estranged husband mentioned. Toilet, urination, vomiting, seasickness. Mutton, turkey eaten. Raw sewage mentioned. Based on the novel by Colm Tóibín.


    Emotional, beautiful, moving, transporting, classy, heartbreaking, poignant, gorgeous, bittersweet, impressive, graceful, warm, sensitive, stirring, big-hearted, virtuous, pulse-quickening, escapist, lovely, funny, charming, intelligent, robust. Superb acting, perfect casting, sharp script, tinqling chemistry between leads, exquisitely crafted, splendid/stunning/picturesque cinematography, spot-on period detail, lively costume design, evocative/wisful/magnificent/heartrending score, emotionally intelligent, stellar adaptation of the book (despite the amount of detail sacrificed).


    A touch melodramatic. Lack of historical context is a fault for some critics, while for others it captures 1950s-style (cinematic) escapism.

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