Inside Out Saturday, 11 July 2020

Inside Out

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    PG: Mild themes.

  • The pitch:

    Joy with a touch of Sadness.

  • Starring:

    (voices of): Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Kaitlyn Dias, Lewis Black, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Diane Lane, Kyle MacLachlan, Flea, Frank Oz, John Ratzenberger, Richard Kind

  • Directed by:

    Pete Docter

  • Running time:

    102 minutes

  • Rated:

    PG (Australia), U (UK), PG (USA)


    Characters are set on fire, thrown through the air/against objects, hit with objects, punched, dragged, nose-pulled, pursued, deconstructed/broken apart. Characters fall from great heights, crash to the ground/into objects, dangle precariously, crack a knee. Theft, property damage, buildings collapse, objects kicked/knocked over/thrown, broken window. Train crash. A child throws tantrums. Screaming, arguing, yelling. Dog died, strangling someone mentioned. Blood/gore: Teeth falling out. Dead mouse/rat. Teddies with heads ripped off. Dog cut in half (dream sequence). A character begins to fade away--missing body parts.


    Nude toddler (adorable rear view). Shirtless character. Puberty mentioned.




    What the heck. Name-calling. "Curse words" mentioned, bleeped curse word. Gender stereotypes.


    Joy, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, empathy, moving house, parenting, childhood, memories, hockey, dreams, nightmares, first day of school, imaginary friends, abstract thoughts, imagination, subconcious, running away from home, honesty, sacrifice, emotions, family, parent-child relationships.


    Fireworks, rainbows. Dogs, cats, mouse, rat, elephant-cat-dolphin creature, scary clown. Dragon (picture), unicorn, haunted house, ghost. Fainting, hyperventilating. Some fast/flash vision. Mid-credits sequence.


    Original, stunning, vivid, relatable, entertaining, delightful, creative, wonderful, fantastic, humane, poignant, joyful, inspired, funny, coherent, moving, remarkable, ingenious, adventurous, captivating, breezy, smart, weird, clever, cerebral, buoyant, inventive. Ambitious/out-there/audacious/vertiginous concept, vivid colours, brilliant vocal casting, sweet/goofy comedy, smart/witty/loopy/sharp humour, elegant/iconic visual metaphor, eye-popping/lovely animation, staggering detail, heartening score, heart-wrenchingly beautiful, brilliant end credits.


    Small children may find some high-concept material confusing/complicated.

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Note: INSIDE OUT is preceded by short film LAVA. This film contains volcanos, lava, eruptions, birds, whales, dolphins, turtles, volcanic dust and an undersea setting. Themes include love, hope, dreams and patience.

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