Woman in Gold Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Woman in Gold

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    M: Infrequent coarse language.

  • The pitch:

    Does the story justice.

  • Starring:

    Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Brühl, Katie Holmes, Tatiana Maslany, Max Irons, Charles Dance, Antje Traue, Elizabeth McGovern, Frances Fisher, Moritz Bleibtreu

  • Directed by:

    Simon Curtis

  • Running time:

    109 minutes

  • Rated:

    M (Australia), 12A (UK), PG-13 (USA)


    People are manhandled, pursued, belittled, intimidated, kicked, tackled, shot at. Anti-Semitism, Nazism, swastikas, armed soldiers. Homes are ransacked. Persecution, murder, destroyed family, killed friends, Hitler, death camps, Holocaust, looting, great grandparents murdered, Treblinka mentioned. Arguing, shouting. Blood/gore: Bloody cut above eye. Meningitis mentioned.


    Cleavage. People in clingy nightwear, exercise clothing.


    Pharmaceutical drugs on shelves/bedside table, cough drops. Alcohol (spirits, champagne, beer). Smoking.


    F-word, s-word. Name-calling (including 'pigs'). Religious references and exclamations.


    The Woman in Gold/Portrait Of Adele Bloch-Bauer I by Gustav Klimt, Maria Altmann, Randol Schoenberg, art restitution, high-profile lawsuits, anti-Semitism, justice, society, people smuggling, escape, family, pregnancy, labour, custody, national treasures, Belvedere Palace, World War II, Nazis.


    Dead sister, dead uncle, dead aunty/wife, dead husband, dead father mentioned. Cemetery, funeral, wedding, courtroom, airport settings. Spitting. Pigeons, plane. Fur worn. Some German language (subtitles). Some high aerial cinematography.


    Fascinating, important, enjoyable, engaging, classy, intelligent, enthralling, heart-tugging, emotional, well-meaning, feel-good, moving, stirring, absorbing. Brilliant/towering performance by Helen Mirren, beautifully photographed, impressively staged, gently humorous, some sharp dialogue, nice cameos, potent material, extraordinary story.


    Conventional, familiar, schmaltzy, workman-like, clunky, superficial, banal, simplistic, ordinary, pedestrian. Shamelessly sentimental, Ryan Reynolds in miscast/uneven, biopic oversights, ungainly structured flashbacks, schematic writing, insipid style, on-the-nose dialogue.

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