Fast & Furious 7 Friday, 03 April 2020

Fast & Furious 7

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    M: Action violence.

  • The pitch:

    Punches it.

  • Starring:

    Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Dwayne Johnson, Lucas Black, Kurt Russell, Nathalie Emmanuel, Elsa Pataky, John Brotherton, Tony Jaa, Djimon Hounsou, Iggy Azalea

  • Directed by:

    James Wan

  • Running time:

    137 minutes

  • Rated:

    M (Australia), 12A (UK), PG-13 (USA)


    People are shot, punched, kicked, kneed, headbutted, pole-driven, slashed, thrown the air, body-slammed, pursued, thrown from great heights, hit with objects, neck-snapped, near-choked, tackled, face-slammed, slapped, crotch-grabbed, bitch-slapped, headlocked, somersaulted, hit by a car, near-crushed, bound, imprisoned. A man's head is slammed into a car window. Frequent street fights/hand-to-hand combat, shootouts. Explosions (house, cars, buildings), helicopter crash. Grenades. Dangerous driving, vehicles rammed, vehicle accidents/rollovers/stunts/crashes/head-on collisions. Burning objects/vehicles, collapsing buildings, property damage, debris. Objects knocked over, smashed. Shattered glass. Osama Bin Laden mentioned. Blood/gore: Dead bodies, coffin. Patients in hospital beds, tubes feeding out of mouths/torsos. Arm/leg in cast. Bloody faces, arms, hand, mouth, eyebrow, bullet wounds, clothing, bandage. CPR. Bandages, butterfly stitches. Breaking/broken limbs/finger mentioned.


    Kissing, flirting, ogling. Skimpy clothing/bikinis/swimwear, shirtless men, cleavage, near-nude bums. Sexual-themed banter, references. Celibacy, being aroused mentioned.


    Alcohol (beer, champagne, cocktails, wine). Prescription pills on bedside table.


    S-words, a-words, bollocks, bastard, b*tch. Name-calling. Gender, cultural, genre stereotypes. Religious references and exclamations.


    Family, revenge, brothers, cyber-hacking, teamwork, loyalty, tracking devices, leadership, hostages, amnesia, racing, street-fighting, pregnancy.


    Deceased friend, decased brother, turning off life support. Cemetery, funeral, hospital, wedding settings. Helicopters, planes, military vehicles, lightning, thunder, camels. Freefalling, parachuting. Spitting, shoulder/back/neck-cracking sounds. Some sweeping/stomach-churning aerial cinematography, fast edits, shaky camerawork, bright flashes. Very brief subtitles. Previously known as Furious 7.


    Emotional, exciting, moving, satisfying, entertaining, infectious, nitro-fuelled, giddy, unbridled, solid, joyful, outlandish, nuance-free, stupid, diverting, polished, supersized, blockbuster, bittersweet. Self-aware performances, outstanding/raw/dangerous action sequences, dizzying set pieces, handsome cinematography, gloriously ludicrous, beautifully handled/tactfu/touching ending, elegiac tone.


    Exhausting, cacophonous, gratuitous, ill-balanced, overlong. Unimportant/lumpy plot, too much CGI, unrepentently dumb dialogue, flat jokes, cringeworthy cameo from Iggy Azalea.

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