Chappie Wednesday, 08 April 2020


Additional Info

  • Rating:

    MA15+: Strong violence and coarse language.

  • The pitch:

    Happy chappie.

  • Starring:

    Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Ninja, Yo-Landi Visser, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, Brandon Auret, Johnny Selema, Anderson Cooper

  • Directed by:

    Neill Blomkamp

  • Running time:

    120 minutes

  • Rated:

    MA15+ (Australia), 15 (UK), R (USA)


    Characters are torn apart, shot, held at gunpoint, arrested, pursued, butt-whipped, bound, punched, kicked, hit with objects, beaten, set alight, thrown through the air, carjacked, stabbed, throat-grabbed, crushed, elbowed, bludgeoned, thrown through a window, body-slammed. Dog-fighting. Shootouts, heist, rioting, robbery, vandalism. Gun inserted into mouth, Molotov cocktail thrown, cluster bomb. Objects kicked in, shot, smashed. Speeding vehicle, dangerous driving, collisions, vehicle rollover. Fireball, explosions, smashed glass. Target shooting, weapons training. Begging, pleading, shouting, arguing. Corruption, hacking mentioned. Blood/gore: Man torn in half, snapped arm, arm sawn off. Blood spatter, bloody cuts/arms/hands/ear/bullet wounds, clothing, blood and guts on wall. Corpses (animal, human, robot). Patient on stretcher, CPR, stitching arm, object protruding from shoulder, convulsing. Bandage. 300 murders/attacks, officers killed, "I'm gonna cut you" mentioned.


    Topless woman, shirtless men, skimpy clothing, man in underwear. Couple in bed together (no nudity). Sex mentioned. Playboy magazine seen. Penis tattoo/graffiti.


    Alcohol (beer, spirits). Smoking (cigarettes, joints). People smoke marijuana joints, image of marijuana leaf. Bags of drugs, packets of white powder seen. Narcotics mentioned.


    F-words, s-words, bastard. Name-calling. Slang for bodily functions and genitals. Religious exclamations and references. Derogatory terms for mentally disabled people, homosexuals, women.


    Artificial intelligence, weapons design, unlikely friendships, neural transmission, mind reading, order, law enforcement, chaos, drug dealing, sentience, mega-robots, rivalry.


    Burial. Helicopter, dogs. Thick Afrikaans accents have accompanying subtitles.


    Entertaining, brawny, inventive, energetic, fun, well-intentioned, action-packed, thought-provoking. Wonderful vocal performance from Sharlto Copley, ingenious robot design, stunning urban landscapes, pyrotechnic climax, incredible score, some good ideas.


    Contrived, overstuffed, familiar, broad, predictable, clunky, confused. Threadbare plot, bad acting, missed opportunities, laughably simplistic script, awkward black comedy, tedious ruminations, cartoonish performances/characters.

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