Beyond The Grave (Porto Dos Mortos) Friday, 03 April 2020

Beyond The Grave (Porto Dos Mortos)

Additional Info

  • Rating:


  • The pitch:

    The pain will pass.

  • Starring:

    Rafael Tombini

  • Directed by:

    Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro, Álvaro Rosa Costa, Ricardo Seffner, Amanda Lerias, Luciana Verch, Leandro Lefa, Tatiana Paganella, Adriano Basegio, Marcos Guarani, Felipe Longhi, Isidoro B. Guggiana

  • Running time:

    89 minutes

  • Rated:

    CTC (Australia), NR (UK), NR (USA)


    People are shot (gun, arrow, crossbow), elbowed, wrestled, karate-chopped, kneed, kicked, slashed, punched, held at gunpoint/arrow-point, hit with objects, pushed, bound, bludgeoned, set alight, bitten, strangled, tortured, knifed. Attempted break and enter. Shooting practice, burning objects. Attempted strangling mentioned. Blood/gore: Severed body parts. Flesh-eating, hand-slicing, exploding flesh, convulsing. Bloody hands/nose/face/heads/clothing/objects/cuts/gashes/wounds/ears. Blood spatter, blood smears, pooled blood, bubblling blood, spilling blood. Bloody prints, bloody bullet wounds, licking blood. Burning zombie, severe burns, fleshy growths/wounds. Object protruding from skin, weapons cleaning. Bandages. Slow/painful death, ripping out spleen mentioned (stomach stabbing).


    Caressing, embracing. Shirtless man. Pervert mentioned.




    Name-calling. Religious references.


    Zombies, demons, the apocalypse, revenge, possession, serial killing, ritual, policing, road trips, obesity, self-fulfillment, small talk, suspicion.


    Grave-digging, burial. Deceased mother, deceased sister, divorce mentioned. Dogs. Portuguese language (subtitled).


    Entertaining, low-budget, promising, ambitious, well-intentioned, inventive, poetic, post-apocalyptic, arthouse, offbeat, strange, gruesome, intriguing, experimental. Desolate locales, barren landscape, interesting/eccentric characters, awe-inspiring cinematography, some elaborate make-up, non-frenzied zombies, good fight choreography, stylish art direction, Western genre film, creative tributes to other indie horror classics.


    Slow-paced, hideous, abysmal, ugly, cringe-worthy, confusing, messy. Some weak make-up effects, some theatrical performances, non-threatening/lingering zombies, pointless/inexplicable scenes, dreamy/dull/confusing plotting.

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