Interstellar Friday, 03 April 2020


Additional Info

  • Rating:

    M: Science fiction themes and infrequent coarse language.

  • The pitch:

    Rage against the dying of the light.

  • Starring:

    Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon, Mackenzie Foy, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Topher Grace, Ellen Burstyn, John Lithgow

  • Directed by:

    Christopher Nolan

  • Running time:

    169 minutes

  • Rated:

    M (Australia), 12A (UK), PG-13 (USA)


    People are tackled, electrocuted, hit with objects, near-frozen, punched, headbutted. Explosions, broken glass, burning crop (arson). Dangerous driving, object thrown. Airship crashes, dropping bombs, starving people, suffocation, schoolyard brawling, killing yourself mentioned. Screaming, arguing. Blood/gore: Patients in hospital beds, nasal tubes. Floating corpse.




    Alcohol (beer, spirits). Dramamine consumed.


    F-word, a-words, sonofab*tch. Name-calling. Religious references.


    Space exploration, relativity, gravity, quantum mechanics, time, father-daughter relationships, corn farming, baseball, binary code,legacy, sacrifice, hopelessness, survival, humanity.


    Dead wife, dead father/grandfather, dead child mentioned. Dust storm, giant waves. Poltergeists mentioned. High camera aerials. Bright strobe lights.


    Exhilarating, imaginative, visionary, stirring, formidable, cerebral, handcrafted, personal, thrilling, well-staged, spectacular, overwhelming, immersive, time-bending, long, grand, strange, demanding, bold, beautiful, surreal, dreamlike, sharp, tense, moving, hypnotic, challenging, provocative, gorgeous. Laconic/effortless/self-assured performance from McConaughey, majestic celestial landscape, extraordinary mid-film emotional climax, complex character motivations, visually/conceptually audacious, emotionally accessible, wonderful sound design, imaginative/inventive score, narrative twists/reversals, jaw-dropping cinematography.


    Thudding, prosaic, strident, overbearing. Familiar plot, bombastic score, some weak writing, convenient sentimentality, ruptured script, unnecessarily tide resolutions, gaping plot holes.

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