Music Store Massacre Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Music Store Massacre

Additional Info

  • Rating:


  • The pitch:

    Music is the Devil.

  • Starring:

    Dave Meadows, Gordon Price, Diane Sokolowich, Wendy Dillard, Brian Hersey, Frank Bliss

  • Directed by:

    Gordon Price

  • Running time:

    106 minutes

  • Rated:

    CTC (Australia), NR (UK), NR (USA)


    People are molested/raped, shot, stabbed, sliced, hit with objects, impaled, punched, hair-grabbed, dragged, wrestled, near-choked, hung, kidnapped, bound, injected, tortured, bitten, hooded, hammered. A man saws off his own leg, an animal is threatened, item shoved down throat. Suicide (gunshots), bar fight, theft, drink-spiking, attempted bribery, break-and-enter. Slitting throat/stabbing ex-girlfriend mentioned. Store robbery planned. References to Hitler/the Holocaust. Screaming, arguing, pleading, yelling. Blood/gore: Sawing leg, severed limb, cutting off finger, slicing flesh, licking skin-flap, man covered in blood, needle entering skin. Lots of blood, blood splatter, blood on objects, veins, open wounds, objects made from skin/flesh. Possessed object. Corpses.


    Woman are molested/raped. A man watches porn (female-female), masturbates. Oral sex. Nude women (full frontal), exposed breasts, nude female bottoms, nude male bottom. Kissing, undressing, breast-flashing, breast-grabbing, ogling, nipple-licking. Shirtless men. Skimpy clothing, cleavage, women in lingerie, swimwear. Child prostitution mentioned.


    People inject drugs (needle, arm strap seen). A drink is spiked, a woman is drugged (intravenous). Alcohol (beer, spirits). Smoking. Bar settings, intoxication. Junkie, selling crack, selling drugs mentioned. Bags of weed mentioned (song lyrics).


    Frequent f-words, n-words, s-words, a-words, b*tch, bastard. Name-calling. Derogatory terms/references for women, homeless people, Vietnam vets, Jews, Chinese people, homosexuals. Slang for genitals and bodily functions. Racism. Religious references and exclamations. Obscene finger gestures.


    Possession, murder, rape, suicide, live music, horror, hearing voices, pawned goods, prejudice, auditing, police work, judgement, hate, guitar.


    Deceased colleagues, murdered son. Nose-picking, farting. Dog, dog poo.  Flash editing. End credits scene.


    Cohesive, interesting, disquieting, raw, in-your-face, effective, uncomfortable. Shot in nostalgic black-and-white, impressive soundtrack, passable special effects, delivers the goods.


    Low-budget, rough editing, poor sound, terrible acting.

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