Sunshine on Leith Sunday, 29 March 2020

Sunshine on Leith

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    PG: Mild themes, violence and sexual references.

  • The pitch:

    A little Rab of sunshine.

  • Starring:

    Jason Flemyng, George MacKay, Antonia Thomas, Peter Mullan, Jane Horrocks, Freya Mavor, Kevin Guthrie

  • Directed by:

    Dexter Fletcher

  • Running time:

    100 minutes

  • Rated:

    PG (Australia), PG (UK), NR (USA)


    People are punched, headbutted, hit, elbowed, flicked with a towel, near hit by a car. A military convoy comes under fire. Arguing, shouting. Blood/gore: Combat victims with missing limbs.


    A couple have sex in a toilet cubicle (implied). A couple are seen in the bath (end credits). Kissing, hand-holding, flirting, motorboating. Skimpy clothing, cleavage, shirtless man, man in underwear. Sexual acts, losing virginity mentioned.


    Alcohol (beer, wine, spirits, shots, champagne). Intoxication. Sedative mentioned.


    T*ts, bloody. Name-calling. Religious references and exclamations.


    Proclaimers, musicals, family, relationships, military service, illegitimacy, death, grief, call centres, rehabilitation, wedding anniversary, engagement, rejection, infidelity, secrets, Mary Queen of Scots, father-daughter relationships, flash mobs, Edinburgh, Leith.


    Deceased mother, engagement proposal/rejection. Heart attack, deceased old man mentioned. Hospital, bar, funeral settings. Dog, flock of birds. Fart. High/sweeping camera angles.


    Rousing, remorseless, full-throttle, sweet, sentimental, feelgood, spirited, heartwarming, upbeat, unpretentious, soft-centred, bright, cheery, big-hearted, raw, proud, irresistible. Great cast, inspired mix of songs and plot, decent songs, superb performance from Peter Mullan, clever direction, crisp visuals, unabashed advertisement for Edinburgh, leaves you feeling elated.


    Predictable, soap-operatic, contrived, precious, corny, over-sentimental, clichéd, twee, formulaic. Thin writing, vast city shots look televisual.

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