Jewtopia Saturday, 21 September 2019


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  • Rating:


  • The pitch:

    Oh my Goysh.

  • Starring:

    Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Peter Stormare, Crystal Reed, Christine Lakin, Nicollette Sheridan, Rita Wilson, Wendie Malick, Lin Shaye, Bree Turner, Camryn Manheim, Joel David Moore, Hayes MacArthur, Jon Lovitz, Rachel G Fox

  • Directed by:

    Bryan Fogel

  • Running time:

    89 minutes

  • Rated:

    CTC (Australia), NR (UK), NR (USA)


    People are slapped, a woman brandishes a knife, fed tainted food. Hunting rifles fired, stealing, arguing, raised voices. Animation of baby being circumcised, baby set adrift, armed soldiers, burning debris, impaled man, war conflict, bound. Dale Earnhardt fatal accident, Cheney shooting, rape, murder mentioned.  Blood/gore: People covered in raw sewage. Tattoo removal. Circumcision (actual procedure not shown).


    Couples have sex, foreplay. Couples make out in the bedroom, on the couch. A man simulates sex on objects. Pole-dancing, lap-dancing. Kissing, flirting, infidelity, undressing, penis-groping. Sexual-themed banter. Frequent references to genitals, oral sex.Pictures of female genitals, animation of circumcision. Shirtless men, people in underwear. Skimpy clothing, evening-wear, cleavage. Sodomy, bondage mentioned.


    Drug paraphernalia seen. Meth heads mentioned. Alcohol (beer, spirits, cocktails). Gambling (poker, bridge). Smoking.


    C-word, f-words, s-words, a-words, b*tch, fart, cr*p, slang and actual terms for genitals. Name-calling, teasing. Heavy religious references and exclamations. Regional, cultural, ethnic, army, teenager, Jewish, gender, redneck, old age, mental disability, military, homosexuality stereotypes. Racism, sexism, homophobia.


    Relationships, engagement, rejection, embroidery, gynecology, vaginoplasty, Jews, Gentiles, hunting, jazz, fertility, duplicate bridge, competition, dating, PTSD, counselling, infidelity, commercials, dysfunctional families, circumcision.


    Engagement proposal, job loss. Synagogue, Bar Mitzvah, wedding, strip club, surgery settings. Lightning, thunder (animation). Dog, many taxidermy animals. Dropping dead of a heart attack (figurative) mentioned. Panic attack, asthma attack, nose-picking, booger-eating, poo-throwing, pimple-squeezing, spitting, diarrhoea. Gefilte fish eaten. Brief Hebrew and Mongolian (not subtitled). Adaptation of Broadway show. Mic-credits scene.


    Occasionally funny, impressive cast.


    Unfunny, clichéd, pitiful, offensive, non-stop, senseless, silly, stupid, unconvincing, annoying, boring, broad, cringe-worthy, predictable, formulaic, nonsensical, crass, insulting, embarrassing, lazy, retrograde, vulgar. Appalling ethnic and religious stereotypes, ridiculous concept, unlikeable characters, weak plot, over-the-top performances, over-the-top comedy, tries too hard, some scenes are excruciatingly unfunny.

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