Chopper Tuesday, 07 July 2020


Additional Info

  • Rating:

    R18+: Medium level violence.

  • The pitch:

    Just a normal bloke who likes a bit of torture.

  • Starring:

    Eric Bana, Simon Lyndon, David Field, Dan Wyllie, Bill Young, Vince Colosimo, Kenny Graham, Kate Beahan, Serge Liistro, Pam Western, Gary Waddell, Brian Mannix, Skye Wansey, Annalise Emtsis, Johnnie Targhan, Robert Rabiah, Sam Houli, Caleb Cluff, Hilton Henderson, Fred Barker, Peter Hardy, Marcus Taylor, David Ross Paterson

  • Directed by:

    Andrew Dominik

  • Running time:

    94 minutes

  • Rated:

    R18+ (Australia), 18 (UK), R (USA)


    People are stabbed repeatedly, shot, beaten, head-butted, mutilated, hair-pulled, kicked, pursued, threatened at gunpoint. Gun fired in crowded club, guns handled in front of a child. Yelling, arguing. Killing, torture, bashing, taking hostages, ice-picking victims, being stabbed by your mother, attempted abduction mentioned. Blood/gore: Ears hacked off. Corpse. Man covered in blood, open stab wounds, blood splatter, spurting blood, dripping blood, smeared blood, bloody face, pooling blood, blood on objects, bloody grazes. Stitches, bruising, bloody bandages. Scarring (bullet wound). Cutting off toes mentioned.


    Male genitals, female bottom. Women in underwear. Shirtless man. Skimpy clothing. Kissing. Working at brothel mentioned.


    A couple inject drugs (needle, drug paraphernalia seen). People snort cocaine. A man drugs his dogs. Stoned pregnant woman, drug-induced behaviour. Speed, killing drug dealers, junkie, heroin addiction mentioned. Alcohol (beer, spirits), club setting. Smoking.


    Frequent c-words, f-words, s-words, bloody, w*nker. Name-calling, slang for genitals, derogatory terms for women, derogatory ethnic slang. Prisoner, ethnic, cultural stereotypes. Religious exclamations.


    Mark 'Chopper' Read, violence, prison, victims, police investigation, betrayal, compensation, success, mates, paranoia, legends, writing, publicity, infamy, crime.


    Estranged wife/mother mentioned. Prison, court settings. Bull ant, beetle, dogs. Vomiting, spitting, drool, urination, belch. Strobe lighting, camera flashes.


    Impressionistic, electric-charged, riveting, disturbing, engrossing, effective, hypnotic, stylish, shocking, tough, provocative, challenging, colourful, vibrant, vivid, non-judgemental. Darkly comic, mesmerising performance from Eric Bana, interesting characters, strikingly shot and edited, avoids moralising.


    Violent, graphic, repetitive. Bana's Australian accent may be difficult to understand for foreigners.

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