Insidious Tuesday, 14 July 2020


Additional Info

  • Rating:

    M: Supernatural themes and infrequent coarse language.

  • The pitch:

    Creepy poppet.

  • Starring:

    Patrick White, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson, Barbara Hershey, Andrew Astor, Corbett Tuck

  • Directed by:

    James Wan

  • Running time:

    103 minutes

  • Rated:

    M (Australia), 15 (UK), PG-13 (USA)


    People are choked, hit, punched, wrestled, pushed, chained, thrown against walls, demonically possessed, threatened, licked, attacked by evil spirits. A boy falls from a ladder. Trashed room, objects knocked over, objects thrown, home invasion, smashed glass. Gunshots heard, hands reach out and grab people. Screaming, arguing, yelling, shrieking. Blood/gore: Corpse. Bruising, scrape. Bloody handprints, bloody bullet wounds. Ripping out innards and eating guts mentioned.


    Kissing. Cleavage.


    Chemical-induced hallucinations mentioned.


    F-words, p*ss. Name-calling. Derogatory terms for women. Religious references and exclamations. Genre tropes and stereotypes.


    Demonic possession, astral projection, family, moving house, music, songwriting, skepticism, hearing voices, hauntings, ghosts, disembodied spirits, nightmares, paranormal investigation, psychic art, clairvoyance, exorcism, memory suppression, hypnosis.


    Child in coma, séance. Hospital setting (IV drip, breathing mask, nasal feeding tube seen). Night terrors, fear of being photographed mentioned. Creepy shadows/noises/clattering/whistling, ghostly figures, mysterious apparitions, demonic faces, yellow eyes. Objects appear to move on their own. Dog (photo), clown. Raw steak. Bright light flashes and strobe effects.


    Shivery, unsettling, scary, taut, atmospheric, harrowing, spooky, entertaining, bloodless, fun. Good performances, believable characters, creepy tones, strong first half, inventive camera angles.


    Predictable, plodding, forgettable, bland, clichéd. Loses intensity during second half, repetitive images, visually unappealing, overused genre tropes, plot disengages toward final act.

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