The Incredibles Tuesday, 14 July 2020

The Incredibles

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    PG: Medium level violence and mature themes.

  • The pitch:

    It's super.

  • Starring:

    Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L Jackson, Jason Lee, Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox, Elizabeth Peña, Dominique Lewis, Wallace Shawn, Lou Romano

  • Directed by:

    Brad Bird

  • Running time:

    115 minutes

  • Rated:

    PG (Australia), U (UK), PG (USA)


    Characters (including children) get punched, kicked, attacked by giant robot/droids, pursued, shot at (lasers, gunfire), beaten, mugged, thrown through the air, slammed against objects, dropped, sucked into engines, hit with objects, near-choked, near-crushed (tar balls), taken hostage, restrained, electrocuted, threatened, knocked over, kidnapped (baby), held at gunpoint. People fall from sky-height into the ocean/toward land. Missiles launched, mid-air explosion, plane crash, helicopter crash, vehicle collisions, vehicle rollover. Armed gunmen, robbers, men in balaclavas, tanks, armed soldiers. Attempted suicide (jumping), break-and-enter, gunshots. A bomb is attached to a child. Derailed train, burning building, smashed objects, explosions, extensive property damage, debris. Domestic yelling/arguing, screaming, pleading. Blood/gore: Bloody gash on arm. Bandages, neck braces, man in traction, man on stretcher. Human skeleton/corpse seen. Photographs of terminated superheroes.


    Flirting, bum-grabbing, kissing. Intimacy implied. A woman believes her husband is having an extra-marital affair. Cleavage.


    Alcohol (champagne, cocktails).


    Heck, darn. Name-calling. Religious references. Genre, gender, teen, adult, marriage, family stereotypes. Weight, hobo jokes.


    Superheroes, secret identities, super strength, super speed, elasticity, force fields, invisibility, family, siblings, teamwork, invention, lying, the glory days, secret missions, reinvention, training, relocation, facial recognition technology, droids, capes, super suits, infidelity, security, hideouts, villains, fanboys, fashion design, haberdashery, teenage crushes, stowaways, monologues, lawsuits.


    Wedding, church, courtroom, hospital settings. Job loss. Deceased loved ones, friends, colleagues mentioned. Cat, buzzing insects, parrot, mole. Lightning, thunder, tornado, full moon, helicopter, plane, campfire. Spitting. Brief French language (subtitled).


    Dazzling, beautiful, funny, meaningful, huge, ambitious, satirical, inspirational, sweet, spirited, clever, buoyant, human, raucous, fun, fresh, sharp, amusing, action-packed. Top-notch storytelling, outstanding CGI, visually thrilling, engaging characters, family friendly message.


    Too violent for some children. Loud, overlong.

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