Prince Avalanche Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Prince Avalanche

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    M: Sexual references.

  • The pitch:

    A line is drawn between two men.

  • Starring:

    Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch, Lance LeGault, Joyce Payne, Gina Grande, Lynn Shelton

  • Directed by:

    David Gordon Green

  • Running time:

    94 minutes

  • Rated:

    M (Australia), 15 (UK), R (USA)


    People are hit with an object, pursued, threatened. Objects are knocked over, thrown, smashed. Lame suicide attempt, property damage. Yelling, arguing. A woodland fire rages out of control. Destroyed house, ashes seen. Killed pet, being punched, killing oneself mentioned. Blood/gore: Roadkill. Bruising. Lives lost, gutting fish mentioned.


    Masturbation. Sexual banter, innuendo. Being horny, virginity, cheating, fingering, orgasms mentioned. Sexual acts discussed. Man in undies, shirtless man.


    Alcohol (spirits), drunken behaviour, getting drunk mentioned. Smoking (cigarette, cigar). Prescription pills, antacid mentioned.


    A-word, crap. Name-calling. Sexual references, sexual slang, slang terms for genitalia. Religious references and exclamations. Obscene finger gestures. Gender, weight, regional, cultural stereotypes.


    Road workers, camping, language education, relationships, solitude, unlikely friendships, boys' talk, vulnerability, rebellion, bonding, responsibility.


    Dumped boyfriend, unwanted pregnancy. Absent girlfriend, abortion mentioned. Birds, caterpillar, ants, turtle, donkeys, skunk, chickens. Thunder, farting. Animal carcass cooked, fish eaten. Ghosts, psychic mentioned. Some German language (subtitled). Based on Icelanic Film Either Way.


    Eccentric, meditative, funny, sublime, moving, refreshing, oddball, sweet, humanistic, unusual, profound, contemplative, loose, poignant, minimalist. Subtle pace, good chemistry between Rudd and Hirsch, beatific music, stunning visuals, gorgeous location.


    Inexplicable title. Becomes wearisome.

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