Metro (Metpo) Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Metro (Metpo)

Additional Info

  • Rating:


  • The pitch:

    Train-wreck cinema.

  • Starring:

    Sergey Puskepalis, Anatoliy Belyy, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Anfisa Vistinhausen, Aleksey Bardukov, Elena Panova

  • Directed by:

    Anton Megerdichev

  • Running time:

    132 minutes

  • Rated:

    CTC (Australia), NR (UK), NR (USA)


    A train driver conducts an emergency stop. People are thrown violently through the air, thrown through windows, crushed, trampled, electrocuted, near-drowned, punched, kicked, wrestled, head-butted, near-strangled, held underwater, hit with objects, hit by train, assumed missing or dead. Survivors (including children) see dead loved ones. Derailed train, smashed glass, multiple deaths, debris, mass destruction, mass panic, pick-pocketing, looting. Reckless driving, head-on collision. Animal cruelty. Yelling, shouting, screaming. End of the world, Chernobyl, suffocating mentioned. Blood/gore: Many corpses and deaths seen, walking wounded. Blood on heads, faces, hands, clothing, smeared on walls, blood splatter. A boy convulses. An object is surgically extracted from a mouth (surgical instruments seen). Broken arm, broken ribs. Sling, bandages, stretchers. Injection seen.


    Sexual activity and sex noises when a couple have night-long sex. Sex without love mentioned. Infidelity. Kissing. Nudity: Nude couple between sheets. Woman seen nude from behind, frontal wearing lingerie. Photograph of people wearing swimwear.


    Alcohol (wine, spirits). Alcohol-related arrest. Smoking.


    F-words, s-words, a-words, n-word, b*tch, d*ckhead, bastard, bloody. Name-calling and insults. Religious exclamations. Suicide (hanging) joke.


    Disasters, tragedy, communication, rescue, survival, evacuation, infidelity, father-daughter relationships, forgiveness, news reporting, emergencies, response times, traffic gridlock, determination, courage.


    Wife discusses leaving her husband. Tunnel, underground shaft, bunker, hospital, watch-house settings. Flooding, sparks, bright lights and flashing lights. Asthma attack, spitting. Flocks of birds (pigeons), dog, rats, helicopters. Allergies, diabetes, urination, phobias (drowning) mentioned. Fast-moving camerawork. Based on novel by Dmitry Safonov.


    Well-paced, tense, chaotic, convincing, blockbuster. Good fun if you can ignore plot inconsistencies, character flaws and implausibility.


    Cheesy sub-plots and screenplay. Low-grade special effects, predictable outcome, flimsy characters.

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