Fast and Furious 6 Wednesday, 08 April 2020

Fast and Furious 6

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    M: Action violence and infrequent coarse language.

  • The pitch:

    Bevan heaven.

  • Starring:

    Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Ludacris, Luke Evans, Elsa Pataky, Gina Carano

  • Directed by:

    Justin Lin

  • Running time:

    130 minutes

  • Rated:

    M (Australia), 12A (UK), PG-13 (USA)


    People are shot (handguns, machine guns, speargun), shot at, stabbed, punched, kneed, roundhouse kicked, beaten, head-butted, thrown against objects, thrown down stairs, butt-whipped, wrestled, intimidated, threatened, pursued, kidnapped, held hostage, dangled from moving vehicles, hit by a car, eye-gouged, near-choked. An aircraft crashes, bursts into flame. Guns are pointed in threat; people fly through the air. Dangerous driving, speeding, frequent vehicle collisions, vehicle rollovers, vehicle explosions; multiple vehicles are crushed, rammed, flipped. A car drives off a very high bridge. Building and bridge collapse, objects and vehicles shot with guns and arrow-cables. Police raid, multiple explosions, debris, smashed glass, shootouts. Injuries, terrorism, bombs, stealing, heists mentioned. Multiple people are assumed crushed to death. Blood/gore: Bloody scratches, grazes, scars, bandages. Blood on faces, objects. Corpses. A man removes a bullet (implied); tweezers, kidney dish, gauze are seen.


    A couple lie beneath the sheets together (no genitals visible). Skimpy clothing, swimwear, cleavage. Man in underwear. Kissing.


    Alcohol (beer, champagne). Drug-running mentioned.


    F-words, s-words, a-words, slang for genitalia, bastard, b*tch. Name-calling. Cultural, ethnic, gender stereotyping. Religious references and exclamations. Sexual innuendo. Obscene finger gesture.


    Family, friendship, loyalty, responsibility, fatherhood, amnesia, cars, custom mechanics, illegal street racing, corruption, international crime, collaboration.


    Girlfriend dies. Post-childbirth, prison, funeral, cemetery settings. Planes, helicopters, welding sparks, toilet, spitting, barbecuing meat. Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian languages (subtitled). Sky-high camera aerials.


    Insane action, mindless entertainment. Big, dumb, completely implausible and ridiculously awesome.


    Weak plot and dialogue. You need to check your brain, error-spotting abilities and cynicism at the door in order to enjoy it; mindless but fun.

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