My Brother The Devil Tuesday, 31 March 2020

My Brother The Devil

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    MA15+: Strong violence, coarse language and drug use.

  • The pitch:

    The devil is in the details.

  • Starring:

    James Floyd, Fady Elsayed, Saïd Taghmaoui, Anthony Welsh, Aymen Hamdouchi, Ashley Thomas, Arnold Oceng, Letitia Wright, Elarica Gallacher

  • Directed by:

    Sally El Hosaini

  • Running time:

    111 minutes

  • Rated:

    MA15+ (Australia), 15 (UK), NR (USA)


    A youth, dog are fatally stabbed. Youth is shot at close-range. People are threatened with knives, switchblades. Youths carry handguns. A youth headbutts another youth. Gunman enters a shop. Boxing training. Photos of youths with swords. A youth is bullied/mugged by a group of kids. Yelling, arguing, screaming. Terrorism mentioned. Smashed glass, break-in. Brothers wrestle. Blood/gore: Fresh corpses (dog, youth). Blood on clothing, fur, ground. Spitting blood. Tattooing (close-up). Sling, scar, bullet wound, blood spray, blood drip.


    A couple have sex off-camera (sex noises and moving furniture). Two males undress as they move upstairs (sex implied). Kissing (female-male, male-male). A man sexually forces himself on a woman. Shirtless man. Man in shower (no genitals visible).


    People snort white powder, smoke joints. Bag of marijuana, drug-dealing, drug paraphernalia, drug sachets. Crackhead mentioned. Alcohol (beer, wine, champagne, spirits). Smoking.


    F-words, s-words, a-words, derogatory slang for females and homosexuals, slang terms for genitalia. Name-calling, insults, homophobia. Cultural, ethnic, class stereotyping. Religious references (prayer beads, beliefs). Obscene finger gestures.


    Youth gangs, drugs, violence, brothers/bruvs, sexuality, Islam, revenge, East London, tradition, prejudice.


    Youths carry the casket of their dead friend. Smashed mirror. Arabic language (no subs). Dog, bird, sparkler. Chicken, bacon snacks eaten.


    Intelligent, keenly observed, lyrical. Authentic characters, solid performances from aspiring newcomers. Economical editing, moody score, first-rate film debut from Sally El Hosaini. Depicts rather than glorifies.


    Formulaic story, slightly melodramatic.

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