A Good Day To Die Hard Tuesday, 31 March 2020

A Good Day To Die Hard

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    M: Action violence and coarse language.

  • The pitch:

    Bruce Willis shoots stuff.

  • Starring:

    Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, Rasha Bukvic, Yuliya Snigir, Mary Elizabeth Winstead

  • Directed by:

    John Moore

  • Running time:

    98 minutes

  • Rated:

    M (Australia), 12A (UK), R (USA)


    Lots and lots of shooting with big scary guns. People are shot (and shot at) with pistols, sub-machine guns, machine guns, shotguns and rifles at close-range, mid-range and long-range distances. Bullets are seen entering legs, faces, heads, backs. Vehicles crash into lots of other cars, crash barriers, civil property. An RPG-7 is fired at a vehicle causing an explosion. A helicopter fires ammunition into a building, at people. Objects get hit, smashed. People get punched, stabbed, kicked, choked, thumped with weapons, thrown in the air from explosive force. Bodies are seen crashing through glass, falling to the ground, falling into water. Murder, criminal charges, criminal activity are discussed. Masked gunmen. Huge explosions causing mass injuries and extensive damage to property, buildings, vehicles. Objects shatter, explode, smash, fall. Dangerous driving. Vehicle rollover. Man hit by car. Grand theft auto. A helicopter bursts into flame and crashes. A man dangles from a rope high above the ground. A man is thrown off a roof. A man is killed by a spinning rotor. Alarm bells sound. People scream. Mass panic. Arguing and shouting in English and Russian. A doll is seen hung by the neck. A man is choked to death. More shooting. More shooting again. Blood/gore: None. (Just kidding.) Blood on knuckles, hands, faces, clothing. Bloody gashes and scratches. Blood splatters from people as they are shot, punched, obliterated. Walking wounded. Fresh corpses. A man dislodges a foreign object from another man's torso. A corpse is shot.


    A man caresses a (clothed) woman. Sex clubs are mentioned. Nudity: Nude mannequins are seen. Women wear skimpy clothing in a nightclub.


    Alcohol (spirits). Smoking. Doing drugs, selling drugs is mentioned.


    F-words and derivatives, s-words, a-words, bastards. Derogatory insults and name-calling. Cultural stereotyping. Obscene finger gestures. Religious exclamations.


    International crime, espionage, families, father/son relationships, instinct, escapees, covert operations, national security, parenting, bribery, revenge, betrayal, Chernobyl, nuclear warfare, WMDs, terrorism.


    Prison, nuclear power plant setting. Laser and strobe lighting. High aerial shots showing aircraft, city skyline and clouds. Russian language sequences are subtitled. Courtroom setting. Flocks of birds. Shaky camera-work and editing during high-speed chase scene. An adult son addresses his father by his first name. Anti-Americanism, pro-Americanism.


    Explosions. Fast action sequences. Willis appears to enjoy himself on screen. Jai Courtney works hard to put in a solid performance against an ordinary screenplay.


    Weak, convoluted plot. Poorly paced. Plot holes. Clinical execution. Premise is not suitably established. More like a Die Hard imitation than an authentic Die Hard movie. Forgettable villains. Thin characters. Pithy comedy.

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