Warm Bodies Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Warm Bodies

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    M: Horror themes, violence, and infrequent coarse language.

  • The pitch:

    Shakespeare's most famous romantic tale can survive anything, even the zombie apocalypse.

  • Starring:

    Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Analeigh Tipton, Rob Corddry, Dave Franco, John Malkovich

  • Directed by:

    Jonathan Levine

  • Running time:

    98 minutes

  • Rated:

    M (Australia), 12A (UK), PG-13 (USA)


    The zombie apocalypse has been and gone (sorry if you missed it). If you're reading this you're probably one of the walking dead--either that of you've been spending too much time on the internet. Zombies walk the street attacking people, tearing flesh and being bitey. Bodies and body parts get eaten. Zombies have terrible table manners; they're awfully noisy and messy. Humans and the undead are shot with handguns, shotguns, rifles, and stabbed, punched, kicked, beaten, run over, hit with objects. Zombie death and infection are discussed. A skeleton army is crushed. Guns and knives are pointed in threat. Dangerous driving and minor vehicle collision. Vehicle carnage, demolished and damaged property is seen. Armed militia patrol the streets. Arguing, yelling and painful groans and cries are heard. Explosions. Possible causes of the zombie apocalypse (chemical warfare, infected monkeys) are discussed. Blood/gore: Frequent blood splatter and flesh-consumption. Corpses (human, flesh-eating and skeletal). Pools of blood, bloody nose, blood smear on face. Point-of-view inside zombie's chest. Wounds are seen (fresh and healed). Entrails, offal.


    Kissing. A woman undresses to her underwear. A man is naked in the shower (nudity obscured).


    Alcohol (wine, beer). Prescription medicines (including Prozac and Fluoxetine) are handled.


    F-words, s-words, a-words, religious exclamations, derogatory and mocking slang, b*tches.


    The zombie apocalypse, terror, horror, survival, love in an unlikely setting, prejudice, civil warfare, crushed dreams, acceptance, being different father/daughter relationships, humanity, teamwork.


    Abandoned airport/aircraft setting. Military camp. Fireworks. Camera flashes, torchlight and editing flash have strobe effect. Filthy, messy environment. Stealing. Cows, goats. Dead mother (zombies) is mentioned. An undead father is shot.


    Clever script with some genuinely funny moments. More humanising and good-hearted than most zombie films.


    Ordinary special effects. Repetitive. Not very fleshy. Lifeless in parts. Predictable. Ludicrous plot-holes.

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