The Mercy (2018) Sunday, 29 March 2020

The Mercy (2018)

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    12A (UK): Infrequent strong language.

  • The pitch:

    Men do not decide to become extraordinary.

  • Starring:

    Rachel Weisz, Colin Firth, David Thewlis, Mark Gatiss, Andrew Buchan, Finn Elliot, Jonathan Bailey, Genevieve Gaunt, Ken Stott, Anna Madeley

  • Directed by:

    James Marsh

  • Running time:

    101 minutes

  • Rated:

    CTC (Australia), 12A (UK), NR (USA)


    Suicide reference (possible drowning). Possible man overboard. Man bangs his head, falls down. Objects thrown/smashed/cracked/leaking. Yelling. Churchill, when the bombs were falling, you served your country, capsized boat mentioned. Blood/gore: A man cuts his hand (bloody palm). Bandaging hand. A man lances/squeezes a large pimple on his forehead. Drops of solder fall onto a man's leg. Gout mentioned.


    Hugging, caressing. Shirtless man, woman in bikini.


    Alcohol (beer, wine, champagne, spirits). Pub setting. Smoking (cigarettes, pipe, cigar).


    F-word, bloody hell. Name-calling (you must be drunk or mad, bastards, etc). Religious exclamations (how in God's name, Godspeed, what the hell, Jesus Christ, etc), nuns arrive at a house.


    Donald Crowhurst, sailing, 1968 Golden Globe Race, round-the-world yacht racing, survival, family, loneliness, navigation, desperation, hubris, commitment, failure, boat-building, delays, financing, radio silence.


    Dead husband/father (implied). Dolphins, seagulls, dogs, horses, whales. Dead horses, dead/cooking fish, a man removes a fly from his glass of water, fish in bowl released into ocean. Full moon. Vomiting, hallucinations. Based on a true story.


    Uncompromising, astonishing, brutal, sad, strange, profound, intelligent, sober, contemplative, absorbing, handsome, heart-tugging. Terrific/nuanced/reliable/solid performance by Colin Firth, gentle/good-humoured chemistry between Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz, impressive recreation of 'Teignmouth Electron', warm/buttery cinematography, breezy pace, some impressive sailing sequences, remarkable story stylishly told.


    Muted, disconsolate, uninspired, flat, functional, middlebrow, conventional. Dialogue is filled with cliched phrases.

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