The Emoji Movie (2017) Saturday, 04 July 2020

The Emoji Movie (2017)

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    G: Some scenes may scare very young children.

  • The pitch:

    Image result for laugh emoji

  • Starring:

    T.J. Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris, Maya Rudolph, Steven Wright, Jennifer Coolidge, Patrick Stewart, Christina Aguilera, Sofía Vergara, Rachael Ray

  • Directed by:

    Tony Leondis

  • Running time:

    86 minutes

  • Rated:

    G (Australia), U (UK), PG (USA)


    Characters get hit with objects, pursued, face-grabbed, evaporated/blasted by robot lasers, punched, impaled with a chopstick, kicked, stuck with cactus spines, pushed, grabbed, moved to trash, burned/covered in soot, crushed. Characters walk into each other/fall over, hit their head, poke themselves in the eye, bang their head on tables, burst into flames. A character visualises another character exploding (off-screen) into goo. Property damage/deletion. Burning wall. Screaming, panic. Certain death mentioned. Blood/gore: Black eyes. Character on stretcher/loaded into ambulance. Cactus spines protruding from face. A character uses tools from a satchel filled with dental instruments (dental floss, tooth scaler, etc). Bandaid on finger.


    (None): Hugging. A character leans against a slice of pizza and gets two rings of pepperoni on his chest where nipples would be.


    Characters drink cocktails at a party. Characters drink beer/spirits (implied) in a rough bar. Beer emoji.


    Oh sh--, butt, sore colon. Name-calling (weirdo, freak, bozo, malfunction, losers, knucklebutt, fingers, sassy gypsy, buzzkill, sterotype, filthy, princess of nightmares, dunce, etc). Farting elephant joke, many poo jokes. Religious exclamation (#blessed). A character says the peace sign emoji gave him the finger.


    Emojis, smartphones, social media, school crushes, outsiders, identity, purpose, parent-child relationships, disappointment, adventure, hacking, sugar, Candy Crush, Instagram, Facebook, Just Dance, Spotify, Twitter, Dropbox.


    Parents discuss separation. Volcanoes, balloons, helicopter, cobweb, kitten, whale, pigeons, dogs. Characters shaped like a devil, skulls, monkeys, prawns, sushi, elephant, bomb, ghost, skeleton, cat, puppies, hot dog, taco, drumstick, paella, scary robots, giant robot, trolls, viruses. Spitting, sneezing, licking, regurgitation (and re-eating). Vision during end credits, mid credits scene.


    Funny, fast, colourful, kid-friendly, silly. Fun/irresistible premise, inspired casting of Patrick Stewart is Poop.


    (Editor's note: the little ones in our family actually enjoyed this film but here's what the critics are saying.) Witless, lazy, dumb, bad, depressing, shameless, soulless, blatant, contradictory, unfunny, saccharine, nonsensical, crappy, calamitous, mindless, disposable, anonymous, strained, slack, pandering, uninspired, stupid, predictable. Boring/one-note characters, lame/lousy/eye-rolling dialogue, persistent product placement, fake girl-power rhetoric, misses opportunities for sight gags/satire, James Corden's cutesiness becomes irritating.

THE EMOJI MOVIE is preceded by a short film based on the HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA series. It features vampires, a giant dog, drooling, swallowing/eating characters, regurgitation, whining, whimpering, a coffin, urination sound, a huge tray of meat (ham/sausages/drumsticks/steak), a floating brain character, a witch, a full moon and skeleton characters being pursued and ripped apart.

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