The Mummy (2017) Tuesday, 07 April 2020

The Mummy (2017)

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    M: Supernatural themes, violence and sustained threat.

  • The pitch:

    Tom Cruise has it all wrapped up.

  • Starring:

    Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, Marwan Kenzari

  • Directed by:

    Alex Kurtzman

  • Running time:

    110 minutes

  • Rated:

    M (Australia), 15 (UK), PG-13 (USA)


    A female slices the throats of her father, his wife and their newborn baby (implied deaths - black blood spatter seen). Characters are embalmed/mummified alive, shot (bullets/tranquiliser darts), punched, kicked, speared, restrained, chained, bitten by a spider, stabbed (blades/syringes), thrown to the ground/through the air/out of a window/through a windscreen/out of a moving vehicle, slammed against a tree, dragged along by a moving vehicle, sucked out of an aircraft, life-sucked (breath/life drawn out mouth-to-mouth), attacked by plagues of rats and spiders, tackled, face-grabbed, throat-grabbed, hit with objects, roundhouse-kicked, harpooned, strait-jacketed, possessed, rammed into a glass panel head-first, elbowed, headlocked, near-hit by car/bus/tube train, smacked, hair-grabbed, leg-snapped, face-licked, slapped, dragged underwater/drowned, head-smashed/stomped, resurrected, shoulder-charged, pursued. Plane crash (implied - bird strike, aircraft spiralling toward ground on fire, engine explosion, wreckage later seen). A zombie dives through a car window, gets slammed in half against a tree, gets maimed. Vehicle rollover. A man stabs himself with a ceremonial dagger (sacrificial suicide/resurrection). A man punches his hand through a zombie's head. A character turns into an evil incarnation of himself. A spider crawls into a man's ear. A man inserts his fingers up under another man's ribs. Grenades thrown, explosions, airstrike. Ancient statues are shot/damaged. Buildings collapse, village attacked/mass damage, giant sinkhole. Military aircraft, vehicles, personnel, weapons. Objects shot, knocked over, destroyed with an axe, smashed; broken glass, exploding glass, exploding street lights, electrical sparks. Screaming, rasping, roaring, maniacal laughing. Blood/gore: Dead bodies, resurrected bodies/zombies (leathery skin, missing flesh/limbs/hands, split in half, roaring, etc), bodies in plastic body bags on morgue tables. Skeletons, skulls, bones. Blood spatter, bloody cuts on face/forehead, blood dripping into water, blood on shirt/objects. Zombie characters turn into dust, get head-smashed, have head pulled apart, have head stomped on. A mummy character is seen in various stages of rejuvenation (missing flesh, crooked posture, bones/sinew visible, etc). A man's throat and face become pale with blackening veins after being bitten by a spider. Cloudy eyes, burned/scarred hand, yellow/green eyes, eyes rolling back into head. A man is injected with serum via a device containing four syringes. Body scan images of woman seen on monitor. Morgue, funeral settings. Science lab filled with skulls, snakes, creatures, etc, in jars. Burial, tombs, coffins, graves, cemetery. Live birds hung upside down (ceremonial). Died in childbirth, dissection mentioned.


    A woman is seen straddling different men several times in the film (sex implied). Nude man (holding crotch area), nude woman (side/rear views), shirtless men. A man and a woman banter about a one-night stand they recently shared. A female character licks a man's face.


    Alcohol (beer, shots, spirits). Bar setting. A man injects himself with an unknown serum. A woman is tied up and forcibly fed mercury intravenously (embalming). Characters are shot with tranquiliser darts.


    S-word, a-words, p*ss. Name-calling (monster, insurgents, crazy bastard, sonofab*tch, fanatical, cursed, chick, thief, etc). Religious references and exclamations (oh my god, damn, what in the living hell, what the hell, Jesus, gods, etc).


    Egyptian mummies, curses, evil, thieves, zombies, London, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, resurrection, sacrifice, ceremonial dagger, mummification.


    Dead father, dead wife/stepmother, dead baby/stepbrother, dead friends. Childbirth scene (brief, not graphic). Grave-robbing. Funeral, church settings. Lightning, thunder, sandstorms, full moon. Helicopters, plane. Spiders, rats, crows, horses, cows. Vomiting. Brief Ancient Egyptian language (subtitles).


    Action-packed, ridiculous, fun, big-budget, elaborate. Occasionally rollicking, Sofia Boutella is Princess Ahmanet is a genuinely creepy/eye-catching/menacing baddie, Jake Johnson is a delight, Cruise amuses.


    Aimless, lukewarm, derivative, unnecessary, silly, unremarkable, tedious, endless, pointless, lifeless, flabby, shapeless, strained, loud, excessive, mechanical, scattershot. Messy plot, underwhelming action scenes, mouldy/shouted dialogue, insistent score, lumbering/scenery-chewing/ill-conceived performance by Russell Crowe.

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