Alien: Covenant (2017) Saturday, 21 September 2019

Alien: Covenant (2017)

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    MA15+: Strong science fiction themes and violence.

  • The pitch:

    The MU-TH-UR of science-fiction franchises returns.

  • Starring:

    Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Jussie Smollett, Callie Hernandez, Amy Seimetz, Nathaniel Dean, Alexander England, Benjamin Rigby

  • Directed by:

    Ridley Scott

  • Running time:

    122 minutes

  • Rated:

    MA15+ (Australia), 15 (UK), R (USA)


    Characters suffer a jaw ripped off by alien's tail, hand torn off, nail through chin, foot caught in door. Hatching alien explodes through chest. Characters (people/synthetics/aliens) are shot, set alight, torn in half, impaled, tackled, thrown, decapitated, hit by objects, thrown into wall, punched, kicked, stabbed, maimed, slashed, cut, dangled over the edge of a launching spacecraft, face-hugged, bitten by aliens, sucked out into space. An alien punches through the back of person's head and out the other side. Gunfire causes ship exlosion, flash bomb set off, objects knocked over. Spaceship damaged by solar flare (objects knocked over/people fall down/fires/vomiting, sirens sounding), a storm causes dangerous entry into a planet's atmosphere. Aliens break glass windows with their heads, aliens burst out of bodies, power core violently ripped out of synthetic's neck. Story heard of a ship that disappeared ten years ago. Reference to virus causing ship to crash resulting in pathogen killing people or using them as incubators. Screaming, arguing. Murder mentioned. Blood/gore: A wispy smoke-like creature enters people via their ears or noses causing illness (paleness, sweating, dizziness, vertigo, coughing, fatigue, breathlessness, bleeding from mouth/nose, spitting blood, violent shaking) before creature claws its way out of the host's back. Person dies and falls over as baby alien starts ripping into their body and feeding on them. Bloody faces, clothes, bodies, window; pooling blood, blood spatter on walls, people bleeding, puncture wounds on arms, organs. Blood spat into face, alien and blood spurting out of person's mouth. Burning person crawling out of wreckage after an explosion. Burned corpse (body trapped in burning cryogenic tube). Convulsing, coughing. Alien and human autopsied corpses, giant bug samples seen, drawings of human muscular system. Removal of deceased embryos from cryogenic stasis/bloody fluid underneath storage units. Acid burn from face-hugger on person's cheek (wound dressed with skin patch), bandages, skin seals, synthetic stapling cut on cheek. Cities with bodies of population preserved in black/ash-like material. Dead bodies/reference to 47 colonists, 16 embryos and 1 crew member. Funeral scene, grave site.


    A woman is forcibly kissed while being pinned down (attempted rape implied). A nude couple are interrupted having sex in the shower (breasts visible). Kissing (m/f, m/m), flirting, hugging. Cleavage, clingy t-shirt. Flirty language ("behave yourself with my wife"). Reference to synthetics loving humans.


    Alcohol (spirits). Smoking (cigar, cigarettes).


    F-words, s-words, a-words. Slang for genitals. Religious references and exclamations (Jesus, what the hell, God damn, damn it, Devil, etc). Reference to urination ("I gotta take a leak").


    Science fiction, space travel, synthetics, androids, angst, death, grief, faith, deadly pathogens, cryogenics, hyper-sleep, colonisation, the God complex, solar flares, spaceship maintenance.


    Dead spouses/colleagues/friends. Funeral scene (body jettisoned into space), grave site. Big scary aliens with leathery skin, sharp teeth, slimy skin and drool. Spitting, vomiting.


    Satisfying, fresh, vital, intelligent, tense, well-crafted, fast-paced, thrilling, creepy, stylish, ambitious, fascinating. Elegant/spare opening, gross-out/disgusting/gruesome/gory/spectacular deaths, fabulous/twisty ending, convincing performances, stunning/grandiose visuals, superb effects, hilarious/fleeting cameo by James Franco, lovely/powerful score.


    Familiar, routine, long, tropey. Suffers some lag in the second act, a little too much exposition, some random/underdeveloped characters, some disposable/uninspiring action-movie theatrics.

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