Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017) Sunday, 29 March 2020

Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017)

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    G: Very mild themes, some scenes may scare very young children.

  • The pitch:

    Take the kids and get Lost.

  • Starring:

    (voices of): Ariel Winter, Joe Manganiello, Michelle Rodriguez, Julia Roberts, Ellie Kemper, Mandy Patinkin, Rainn Wilson, Demi Lovato, Jake Johnson, Jack McBrayer, Danny Pudi, Gabriel Iglesias, Tituss Burgess, Gordon Ramsay, Meghan Trainor

  • Directed by:

    Kelly Asbury

  • Running time:

    89 minutes

  • Rated:

    G (Australia), U (UK), PG (USA)


    Characters are shot at (arrows), captured, kicked, punched, hit in the head, pursued, swiped into a wall, attacked by a bird (bone-breaking sound heard, talons digging into flesh), chased by fire-breathing dragonflies, burned to death (implied), hit with objects, launched/blasted through the air, turned into a lump of clay, thrown to the ground, hit by falling objects, nose-pinched, whipped by a snapping vine, trapped, spat out, scratched, chased by a stampeded of glowing rabbits, smacked into rocks, thrown from a raft, caged, threatened with spears, bitten, fish-slapped, shaved (patch of fur). Characters trip, fall down, skid into walls, run into objects, fall into holes/into a river (can't swim)/over a waterfall, smash into a tree (rolling in barrel), fly into a rock, collide, panic (darkness). A fire arrow hits a bird/bird falls from the sky. Explosions, joke box glitter bomb, rock avalanche. Boxing flowers trap characters, spit them out, get punched, try to inhale characters. Bridge breaks in half with Smurfs on it, door kicked in, homes destroyed, falling/breaking objects. Window slammed shut in character's face. Arguing. Blood/gore: Smurf funeral. Bone-breaking sound. Scary shadow puppets and description of monsters (scaly skin, pointy teeth, claws). Animal used as live bait. Skull lantern. Eyeball flowers. Rabbits scared of falling into a river mime death. "Kill the bird" mentioned.


    (None): Flirting, hugging. Birds, flowers kissed. Shirtless Smurfs and Smurfs in spa bath (implied nudity). Joke about "rocking the cage".




    Jokes about freeze balls, farts, bottoms, butts, age.


    Smurfs, magic spells/potions, maps, secrets, quests, adventures, respect, spying, narcissism, agoraphobia, resurrection, depression, identity crises, practical jokes, gender imbalance.


    Dead Smurf, Smurf funeral. Cat, birds, fire-breathing dragonflies, glowing rabbits, piranhas. Waterfall, river rapids.


    Energetic, creative, kid-friendly, unchallenging, fast-paced, colourful, wholesome, distracting. Refreshingly basic plot, pop music score, all-star voice cast, simple characterisation, kinetic/glittery/bright/colourful visuals, nice/earnest messaging, admirable effort to break down gender imbalance in Smurf's village.


    Formulaic. Bland for older viewers, some slow/boring/talky moments, overbearing pathos.

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