Queen of Katwe (2016) Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Queen of Katwe (2016)

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    PG: Mild themes.

  • The pitch:

    The small one can become the big one.

  • Starring:

    Madina Nalwanga, David Oyelowo, Lupita Nyong'o, Martin Kabanza, Taryn Kyaze

  • Directed by:

    Mira Nair

  • Running time:

    124 minutes

  • Rated:

    PG (Australia), PG (UK), PG (USA)


    People are face-grabbed, wrestled, criticised for being female/poor, oinked at, slapped, almost swept away by flood waters, ear-pulled. A child is hit by a motorcycle. A woman kicks a motorbike. Objects knocked over in anger. Arguing. A boy screams. Getting robbed mentioned. A man says he is glad he didn't take his life when he was younger. Blood/gore: Bloody face, head, leg, bandage, hands. Wound-dressing, stitching (off-camera). Cannula removed. Man in neck brace, IV drip. Broken/breaking bones mentioned.


    A married couple hug, kiss, hold hands. Flirting. Jokes about exchanging goods for (implied) sexual favours. An older teenager announces she is pregnant. Woman in singlet top/bare shoulders/cleavage; shirtless boys/men. Women seen bathing (clothed). A background sign reads "virginity is healthy for young girls". Background poster of girl in bikini top.


    (None). Children bet on a chess game.


    Pee mentioned. Very mild name-calling (hyena, disease, underprivileged, bad smell, silly, madam, etc). Religious references and exclamations (my god, thank god).


    Phiona Mutesi, chess, Uganda, Katwe, slums, championship, tournament, strategy, family, mother-daughter relationships, unlikely heroes, street selling, soccer, sport, poverty, survival, literacy, losing, victory.


    Relationship breakup. Dead father, dead mother, dead sister/daughter, dead/estranged family mentioned. Plane setting. Fireworks (opening credits). Pigs, goats, chickens, cattle, ducks, water birds, fishing, dead fish. Bare feet/soles. Meat on a stick, fried chicken eaten. Spitting. Some Bantu (subtitles). Based on a true story. Based on the book by Tim Crothers.


    Inspirational, humanistic, powerful, heartwarming, vivid, evocative, compelling, engaging, fresh, zesty, intelligent, earnest, uplifting, sympathetic, big-hearted, feelgood, positive, pleasant, crowdpleasing, universal. Terrific/inhabited/authentic/nuanced/disarming/natural/radiant/beautiful performances, fascinating story, infectious score, palpable/intimate visuals of Uganda, charming closing credits sequence, irresistible message.


    Cliched, predictable. Gets a little melodramatic/manipulative at the end.

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