Hell or High Water (2016) Wednesday, 08 April 2020

Hell or High Water (2016)

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    MA15+: Strong violence.

  • The pitch:

    The things we do for our kids.

  • Starring:

    Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster, Chris Pine, Gil Birmingham, Dale Dickey, Katy Mixon, Marin Ireland, John-Paul Howard, Margaret Bowman

  • Directed by:

    David Mackenzie

  • Running time:

    102 minutes

  • Rated:

    MA15+ (Australia), 15 (UK), R (USA)


    People are shot, threatened at gunpoint, held up (bank robberies), hair-pulled, punched, head-slammed, grabbed, pursued, slapped. Brothers playfully kicked/slap/wrestle. Cars/windows shot. Stolen cars, car chases. Burning field/cars. Explosion. A law enforcer comments that criminals should be hanged. Yelling. Shooting a man, being jailed, shooting coyotes, threatened family, killing father in a "hunting accident", assault, robbery mentioned. Blood/gore: Dead bodies. Bloody gore in hat. Bloody bullet wounds/cuts/eye/face/head/forehead/hip/clothing. Blood spatter, bleeding, dripping blood, blood pool. Arm brace, wound-dressing.


    A couple have background sex in a hotel bedroom (full nudity - side view). A woman is groped beneath her skirt. Flirting, caressing. Shirtless man, cleavage, man in underwear. Pimp mentioned.


    Alcohol (beer, shots, spirits). Smoking. Vials of prescription pills seen on dresser. Tweakers mentioned. Casino setting (slot machines, poker played).


    F-words, s-words, a-words, sonsofb*tches, bastards, p*ssed. Name-calling. Religious references and exclamations (what in the devil, dammit, who the hell, goddam). Frequent jokes/insults regarding race/culture/countryfolk/small towns/Native American Indians/religion.


    Brothers, poverty, bank robbers, bank holdups, getaway cars, child support, retirement, Texas, small towns, family ranches, unemployment, corporate greed, oil, money-laundering.


    Dead partner, dead brother, estranged wife/children. Dead mother, dead wife, foreclosure, divorce mentioned. Casino setting. Horses, cows, snake, dog. Steak eaten.


    Thrilling, good, gripping, offbeat, moral, high-stakes, entertaining, engaging, effective, well-paced, soulful, compelling, rangy, violent, cynical, elegiac, surprising, gritty, riveting, uproarious. Brilliant cast/performances, rich/textured characterisation, tight/sinewy direction, evocative visuals, handsome cinematography, eloquent framing, excellent/sharp/fantastic/terrific screenplay, snappy lines, twangy/jangly/great score, strong technical credits, rich sense of place.


    Familiar genre beats, could do with a better title.

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