Kung Fu Panda 3 Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Kung Fu Panda 3

Additional Info

  • Rating:

    PG: Mild animated fantasy violence.

  • The pitch:

    This is how they roll.

  • Starring:

    (voices of): Jack Black, Bryan Cranston, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, J.K. Simmons, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, Kate Hudson, James Hong, Randall Duk Kim

  • Directed by:

    Alessandro Carloni, Jennifer Yuh Nelson

  • Running time:

    95 minutes

  • Rated:

    PG (Australia), PG (UK), PG (USA)


    Characters are bound, chained, punched, kicked, shot at (arrows), drained of life energy, hit with objects, knocked to the ground, thrown through the air, rammed, near-choked, held down, flipped, spun, pursued, near-bitten. Blades fly through the air. Buildings, mountains, objects smashed; debris. A character lays eggs in fear, characters fall out of hammocks. Weapons training. Theft, lying. A cloud shape is beheaded. Yelling, snorting. A character asks "If I step on you will I die?". A flashback scene shows a mother abandoning her child/being (implied) attacked by baddies with torches. Slayer, master of pain, beast of vengeance, maker of widows, zombies mentioned. Blood/gore: Walking wounded (no blood/gore visible). Burning/singed fur, burning ear/paw. Back-cracking sounds heard.


    Flirting, hand-kissing, hugging. Character in the bath. Mild innuendo (reference to "dumplings").




    Butt, peed. Name-calling. Oh my gosh.


    Identity, family, father-son relationships, inner peace, chi, faith, respect, teaching, mortality, healing, quests, secrets, adoption, sacrifice, enlightenment.


    References to deceased mother/wife. Pandas, rabbits, turtle, ducks, goose, tiger, praying mantis, monkey, snake, yak, crane, pigs, bear, chicken, crocodile, dragon, porcupine. Scary jade creatures with dazzling green eyes. Dry-retching/gagging. Full moon, waterfalls, firecrackers. Some dizzying visuals.


    Brisk, delightful, dark, scary, bouyant, witty, whimsical, elegant, rough-and-tumble, cohesive, cathartic, gorgeous, charming, disarming, colourful, effervescent, entertaining, audience-pleasing, heartfelt. Exemplary/gifted vocal cast, brilliant/impressive/inventive animation, stunning/dramatic visuals, fluid direction, sharp/witty comedy, worthy themes, affecting emotional beats, age-appropriate humour, memorable sound design, thrilling climactic action sequence; builds on the previous two films but you don't need prior knowledge to enjoy it.


    Hectic. Serviceable script, recycled themes, fitfully amusing.

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